Will Medicaid Pay for My Abortion Pill?

So you’re pregnant and considering abortion — we know this can be a difficult decision for many women and the staff at True Choice MC is here to help answers your questions related to the abortion pill in the state of California! ‍ Will Medicaid Pay for My Abortion Pill? ‍ Yes — Medi-Cal, California’s […]

Is Abortion Painful?

Is Abortion Painful? Some women find abortion painful, while others might only feel discomfort. Whether or not an abortion is painful is determined by several different factors, including: ●      The type of procedure used ●      Complications ●      The patient’s pain tolerance ●      The anesthesia and pain medications used Types of Abortion Procedures The abortion procedure […]

Pill Pressure: Know the Facts

It is time for the routine Pap smear again. As the drape goes on and I place my feet in the stirrups, I remember, it is not the procedure I dread, but the conversation at the end.   It always starts off so well -lots of small talk- and then, the same question is asked […]

Do I Have To Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion?

Maybe you’re set on getting an abortion and nervous about telling your partner. Though you are legally not required to get your partner’s consent before an abortion, you should consider hearing their thoughts beforehand. ‍ 1. Listen to Your Partner’s Insight ‍ It can be difficult to be on the same page as your partner, […]

Do You Have An STI? FREE Testing And Education At True Choice MC

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been a public health issue for many years, affecting millions of individuals annually. Sadly, in recent years, the incidence of STIs has risen to record highs, which is worrying as STIs can have severe health consequences, including infertility, chronic pain, and even death.   What are the reasons behind the […]

How Will Pregnancy Affect Me Mentally?

These days there are so many life events thatcan adversely affect our mental health. Everything from a pandemic to political division can leave us feeling anxious. Even pregnancy has the potential to cause depression in some women.   We want you to know that you are not alone if you are pregnant and feeling emotionally […]

What Happens to Your Body After an Abortion?

If you are considering an abortion, it makes sense that you would want to understand how the procedure will affect your body. Factoring the effects abortion will have on your body into the decision is a good way to start weighing your options.   Effects experienced by women after an abortion can vary by the […]

What Are the Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?

Abortion is a serious medical procedure, and like many procedures, it carries a certain number of risks that you should be aware of. But what happens when you develop warning signs of infection, and what are those signs?   Infection can occur after a medical or surgical abortion, so it is important to be aware […]

What are Signs of Uterine Damage After Abortion?

If you’ve just had an abortion, you may be experiencing some side effects from the procedure. Depending on what type of procedure you had, there are risks you should be aware of. Experiencing complications such as damage to your uterus varies depending on the individual woman and situation, but if you are having signs of […]

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