What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

Finding out you are pregnant might fill you with panic and fear, but you are strong and resilient. True Choice offers the support and services you need to keep your life moving forward. Try to stay calm and clear-headed, so you can make a decision about your pregnancy that leaves you confident.

You Have Options

Though you might feel like you don’t, you have options for your pregnancy’s outcome. Many women feel forced into their choice, but taking the time to learn about your options can lead you to make an informed decision rather than focusing on what you think isn’t possible for you. You have the following options:

  • Abortion: You can terminate the viable pregnancy with drugs or a surgical procedure.

                            – We provide education about the procedures and their risks (both physical, mental, and emotional).      

  • Parenting: You can raise your child. 

– Learn about resources available to you, like financial and material support, parenting education, and how you can continue to work toward your education and career goals as a parent.

  • Adoption: You can choose to place your child in a loving home.

    – Learn about the different types of adoption you can choose from.

        – Open adoption: Choose the adoptive parents you want to raise your child and meet them before the baby is born. Develop a communication plan with them, so you can have the right amount of contact after the adoption is finalized that works for you.

          – Semi-open adoption: This adoption plan keeps you anonymous while still providing communication with the adoptive family through a third person, like the adoption agency or adoption attorney. Your information will remain confidential, as will the information of the adoptive family.

            – Closed adoption: For women that want no contact with their child after they give birth, closed adoption is likely the best choice. All information about the birth mother and the adoptive family will remain sealed.


              We provide evidence-based information so you can make an informed, educated decision.

              Prioritize Your Health

              Regardless of the outcome you choose for your pregnancy, some steps are necessary to protect your health. Schedule an appointment to have the appropriate testing to keep you safe.


              First, get a confirmation pregnancy test. While most home pregnancy tests are highly accurate, user error commonly leads to false responses.


              Secondly, get an ultrasound. This short, non-invasive diagnostic test provides essential information to guide you and your medical team in making decisions to ensure your safety. This crucial information includes the following:

              ·        Viability: Around 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. The ultrasound will identify a heartbeat to determine if the pregnancy is viable.

              ·        Date: How far along is the pregnancy? Many women misjudge their conception date due to an irregular period or not tracking their menstrual period. The length of the pregnancy determines your due date if you choose to continue the pregnancy and the procedures you are eligible for if you decide to terminate.

              ·        Location: An embryo sometimes implants outside the uterus, creating ectopic pregnancy. This situation is life-threatening for the woman; she needs immediate treatment to prevent further complications. Abortion is not a treatment for ectopic pregnancy.


              Finally, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This step is crucial even if you do not have symptoms of STDs, as some can be asymptomatic. This step is essential if you carry your baby to term because you can pass some STDs to the baby during birth. It is also vital if you choose abortion because having an STD when you obtain an abortion can increase your risk of a severe complication called pelvic inflammatory disease.

              No Cost Services

              Call us at (858) 397-1970,or text (858) 822-9335 to make an appointment. Get the testing you need to stay safe and the information to empower you to choose.

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