My Partner is Pressuring Me to Have an Abortion, But I’m Not Sure

Are you feeling backed into a corner by your partner? Pressure to decide quickly about an abortion for your unplanned pregnancy isn’t emotionally healthy. You deserve time because no one should tell you what to do.


Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy?

You’d think a missed period or positive home pregnancy test would be all you need to decide. But women can skip periods for other reasons besides pregnancy, and home tests aren’t always reliable. You need confirmation.

No-Cost Pregnancy Testing

At True Choice, we provide no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy testing. Privately meet with our caring and professional medical staff to get immediate and accurate results at your appointment.

No-Cost Limited Ultrasound

Why do you need an ultrasound? The American College of Obstetriciansand Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Getting a positive pregnancy test result is possible even if you have miscarried.


Plus, the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant determines your abortion procedure, and an ultrasound can verify the date.

How Do I Make A Decision?

Has your partner threatened to walk out if you don’t have an abortion? Are you afraid to tell your family you’re pregnant? These and other reasons are why some women choose abortion.


No one can legally force you to make one decision over another. Ultimately, you will have the physical and emotional responsibility for your choice. The final decision is always yours.


Is Abortion Right for You?

Before you make a decision, learn about abortion procedures, the physical and emotional side effects, and potential risks. The following are just a few of the risks associated with the abortion pill:

●    An incomplete abortion

●    Ongoing pregnancy

●    Heavy and prolonged bleeding

●    Infection


We provide accurate information about abortion, so you and your partner can make the best choice. You have the right to know all the information so you can make an informed and educated decision.

Learn Your Options

Despite the pressure, take the time to learn all of your options. Yes, abortion is one choice, but you have others.


Whether you and your partner are serious about a future together or not, don’t immediately count out parenting. We can provide ongoing support during your pregnancy and beyond. Our team can connect you to community resources and assist with health insurance, social services, and other organizations.


If you and your partner are not ready to be parents or don’t want the responsibility, consider making an adoption plan for your child. You can select the potential adoptive parents by choosing an open or semi-open plan.


Often, adoption agencies offer resources to assist you with pregnancy-related expenses too. If you choose an open adoption, you can still contact your child while connecting them to their biological family.

We Are Here to Listen

Choosing what to do about your unplanned pregnancy has life-changing consequences. We are here to listen confidentially about your situation and help you decide your best option. Call us at 858-397-1970  to schedule your no-costappointment. Take the time you deserve to make the right choice for yourself.

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