The Untold Truth About Birth Control

Many women who have painful, heavy or irregular periods are instructed by the doctor to go on birth control to regulate their menstrual cycles. Many women are under the impression that birth control will solve all of their period problems but this is not the truth.

The Untold Truth

Unfortunately, women are deceived to believe that they have regular cycles on hormonal birth control because their periods come like clockwork every 28-30 days. The truth is that hormonal birth control actually stops menstruation.

When a woman takes hormonal birth control, she can bleed every 28 days but this is not a true period; this is withdrawal bleeding from hormone suppression.

In order to have a true period, a woman must ovulate. Hormonal birth control completely or partially suppresses ovulation. When hormones are suppressed or absent, it is impossible for the body to make the hormones required for ovulation.

In a healthy ovulation cycle, as a woman approaches ovulation, she starts producing estrogen. Estrogen causes the cervix to produce cervical mucus which alerts her that ovulation is approaching.

After ovulation, progesterone increases, builds and maintains the lining of the uterus.

If the woman does not become pregnant, progesterone decreases and the lining of the uterus will shed and a woman will begin menstruation.

The Ugly Truth

One of the misleading, white lies that women are told about hormonal birth control is that it tricks her body into thinking it is pregnant and this is why she can’t get pregnant.

Unfortunately, the reason the woman can’t get pregnant is because she is not ovulating. If you were to look at her natural estrogen and progesterone production activity, you would see a flat line that is similar to menopause.

In addition, many women are not told the side effects of hormonal birth control which may include blood clots, anxiety, depression, weight gain, inhibited brain development, heart health, and immune system health issues.

Natural birth control methods

Natural birth control methods are an excellent way for a woman to gain control of both her reproductive health and her overall general health.

Fertility health educators can help a woman gain control of her reproductive health through identifying hormone imbalances that are masked by synthetic hormonal birth control.

Through correcting hormonal imbalances that can cause painful periods, heavy periods, irregular periods and infertility, a woman can better her health and well being.

Alternative Birth Control Resources

At True Choice Medical Clinics, we understand that women are showing more dissatisfaction with the current birth control methods and their adverse side effects.

TCMC offers programs like FEMM/Whole Body Health education empowering women to achieve hormonal health through charting their cycles while working side-by-side with a medical professional who will help them significantly improve their overall health.

To consult with a certified fertility education instructor, call 858-397-1970 or email [email protected].

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