STD Rates Rising: What is causing the STD crisis in America?

How did we get to the place where 3 million teens in the US alone, according to the CDC, each year contract a sexually transmitted disease?


According to Dr. Lisa Dunne, founder of UCHE Academy, STDS are the manifestation of a larger issue that deserves a healthy dialogue.


Has the dialogue even been addressed by parents in the homes of most adolescents and young people or does mainstream social media, music, and Hollywood now teach this generation? Unfortunately, the trends of today point to the latter.


Dunne, an educator at the high school, community college and university levels reports beliefs that the next generation is lacking in hope, and parental guidance which leaves the conversation of sexual health up to aggressive sexual education curriculums in our schools. Multiple partners have become the norm and are in fact, celebrated.


The culture has now lost a sense of value and personal worth and we wonder why  the US leads the developed world in youth violence, homicide, incarcerations, abortions, teen pregnancy, and self -injury.


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10 to 34 in the US.


It is not shocking that the World Health Organization, reports abortion as the leading cause of death with 56 million abortions worldwide per year. This is a far distance from heart disease, which kills about 9 million people per year, strokes which kills 1.6 million, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which kills 3 million, lung cancer which kills 1.7 million and finally,  diabetes 1.6 million.


At True Choice Medical Clinic, we want to reverse the statistics, restore hope to this generation and help young people gain control of their bodies and sexual health. We focus on prevention through education. Our trained registered nurses educate our patients in various types of STDS that can spread through bodily fluids such as vaginal fluids, semen or blood. Furthermore, they reinforce that wearing a condom does decrease the possibility of contracting STDs, but you can still contract STDS through skin-to-skin contact. While abstinence is the only way to prevent contracting an STD, we encourage our patients to always seek medical assistance if they have had unprotected sex and seek medical assistance right away.


We don’t want another young person to be the next statistic of an STD, unplanned pregnancy, abortion or self-injury.

If you are concerned about an STD/STI, make your no-cost, confidential appointment by calling 858-397-1970 today.

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