Does the Paragard IUD Cause Copper Toxicity?

What You Need to Know

What is the Paragard IUD?

As more women become more aware of  the side effects of hormonal birth control, the Paragard IUD has become a more attractive option claiming to be the only hormone-free IUD on the market.

How Does the Paragard IUD work?

The Paragard IUD is a T-shaped plastic device placed at the base of the uterus by a healthcare provider. It has wire-like strings that hang down through the cervix.

The Paragard  IUD has copper wire coiled around it. That device releases copper into the uterus, producing an inflammatory reaction that interferes with sperm movement. It changes the environment inside the uterus to make it toxic to sperm.

What are the side effects of the Paragard IUD?

According to the Mayo Clinic, upon insertion of the Paragard IUD, a woman may experience dizziness, fainting, nausea, low blood pressure, or a slower heart rate as a result of painful insertion. If incorrectly inserted, there is the risk of uterine or cervical perforation, which can be life-threatening and require emergency intervention.

Other side effects included painful or heavy periods, spotting, severe cramping, pelvic inflammatory disease, migration of the IUD, and ectopic pregnancy.

It is important to note that the Paraguard IUD does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

What are the signs of copper toxicity?

While copper exists inside the body at low levels as an essential mineral for the function of joints, ligaments, and bones, there can be too much of a good thing.

Copper toxicity happens when these levels surpass the limit that’s considered safe.

Copper toxicity, or copper poisoning, causes symptoms such as headaches, fever, fainting, nausea, vomiting blood, diarrhea, bloody stools, abdominal cramping, jaundice, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

The bodily functions that help the human body to regulate levels of copper can also cause symptoms that are misdiagnosed as psychiatric disorders.

What are patients saying about the Paragard IUD?

Patients have a wide-range of experiences with the Paraguard IUD.

Patient reviews of the Paraguard IUD include statements like the following:

“It has been the worst experience. I kept waiting for it to get better and things have only gotten worse. I get my period like every two weeks or sometimes less. I also get horribly sick on my periods with really intense cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and depression. There’s also the recurring yeast infections and recently I got BV. “

“I became prone to infections and had many throughout the years. I started seeing vitamin deficiencies along with being significantly weaker, fatter and had more pains. I started having premature graying, cystic acne and ovarian pain.”

In some instances, patients have reported a subtle onset of depression that turns into suicidal ideations. This leads to psychiatric evaluation, antidepressants, and misdiagnosis in many cases.

Other patients report Paragard being an excruciating experience every month with periods lasting three weeks, migraines, heavy periods with painful cramping and bloating, recurring yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, acne, and vitamin deficiencies.

Sadly, many medical professionals will not diagnose patients with copper toxicity or unmanageable side effects . It is the patient who traces the onset of symptoms back to the insertion of the Paragard IUD.

In most cases, the solution is the removal of the IUD, which for most patients, is extremely painful. Once the IUD is removed, patients report the symptoms resolved.

In other cases, the patient must undergo extensive treatment to remove the copper from the body.

Whole-Body Health Solutions

At True Choice Medical Clinics, we understand that women are more dissatisfied with current birth control methods and their adverse side effects.

Also, we understand that every woman has a unique feminine design and deserves to be empowered to take control and bring balance back to her hormonal and reproductive health.

Our Whole-Body Health education is a holistic approach to birth control that offers restoration of your hormonal health without painful experiences or side effects.

If you are looking for an alternative approach to birth control, you can meet with one of our Whole-Body Health educators today. Simply call 858-397-1970 to schedule a consultation.

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