3 Reasons To Visit a Pregnancy Resource Center Before an Abortion Clinic

Have an Unplanned Pregnancy and Considering Abortion?

When faced with a crisis of unplanned pregnancy, a woman can find herself so overwhelmed and faced with many difficult decisions all at once.

Feelings of fear, anxiety and loneliness can impact good  decision-making and the woman may feel that abortion is the only option. The good news is that an unplanned pregnancy is not life-ending, it is life-changing.

In order to make a truly informed decision about her pregnancy, the woman must become aware of what she is dealing with and assess the situation.

To truly assess the situation, be educated and empowered to make the best decision, the woman needs to  be guided by the expertise of a medical professional evaluation. The following areas are strongly recommended before making a pregnancy decision.


Confirm Your Pregnancy Before Making a Decision for Abortion. 

Taking a home pregnancy test is not the most reliable method to confirm a pregnancy. To confirm a pregnancy, the woman should make an appointment for a pregnancy test confirmation by a medical professional.

The pregnancy test is only the first step; it does not serve as a valid confirmation of pregnancy. In order to determine if the pregnancy is healthy, an ultrasound should be performed by a trained medical professional.

This rules out ectopic pregnancy (growing outside of the uterus) or miscarriage. 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This assessment is vital to know before a decision for abortion is considered.


Abortion Options

Once the pregnancy is confirmed by a pregnancy test and ultrasound, the woman does not have to be alone in her decision and there is time.

Abortion is not the only option. This is not where the story ends. Both adoption and parenting are options for the woman and she has the benefit of navigating those decisions with caring professionals who walk with her every step of the way.


Abortion Pre-Counseling

After having a medical professional properly assess and make the proper recommendations for follow-up care, the woman can get additional counseling services so she  can make a truly informed decision for both her and her unborn child.

Counselors understand the unique stresses and challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Compassionate counselors provide the woman with a non-judgmental, welcoming space so she can get personalized attention and support needed for her to make the best decision.


True Choice Medical Clinics

At True Choice, we prioritize a comprehensive health assessment, which includes the pregnancy test, ultrasound and counseling services.

We understand the integral part this plays in a woman’s pregnancy decision.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone: (858) 397-1970 or via text (858) 822-9335.
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